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Qui suis-je?

hello,   i play synthetiseur since 1975.

musical etude;conservatory

jazz and classical piano

i'haved differents  keyboards :



+ korg ms20

+korg electribe 2

 +korg minilogue

+korg triton,

 +korg radias

+korg prologue 16

+korg polysix


+yamaha cs01

+yamaha motif es8 

+yamaha xs8

+yamaha modx8

+yamaha A 3000 ,

+yamaha Emt 10

+yamaha p80

+yamaha cs15


+roland d20

+roland S50

+roland w30,

+roland jv1000,

+roland jp 8000


+kawai r50

+alesis sr16

 +prophet 08(dave smith instrument)


+Moog minimoog voyager electic blue (50th version)

+Moog théremini   

+Moog sub37

+clavia nordwave

+analog sequencer Doepfer Darktime


+arturia polubrute


      and actually :


+yamaha cs01

+Roland  juno 6

+Arturia matrixbrute

+Arturia drumbrute

*moog one

+korg chronos 2 (88)

+korg monotron

+korg monologue

+classical piano pleyel p118.......